Insurance Secret 1


            I didn't cause this crash, but because of it I have suffered painful injuries requiring extensive medical treatment. Is it reasonable for me to expect significant compensation for what I am going through?


            Yes, but because of their sense of fair play, most crash victims don't realize that in addition to payment for medical bills, lost wages and car repairs, insurance companies may make available significant compensation for "pain and suffering" and several other types of compensation. This is rarely disclosed by insurance companies.




Insurance Secret 2


            I have received medical information releases from the insurance company adjuster. Should I sign them?


            No. An unrestricted release for medical records should only be signed under limited circumstances. An attorney at Mallen Law Offices can evaluate what you have signed and revoke the signed releases that may jeopardize your case.



Insurance Secret 3


            In the past, we used a general practice attorney for wills or real estate transactions. Is it really necessary to retain an attorney who only practices in accident/injury law?


            Every day, the attorneys at Mallen Law Offices work out insurance claim problems. We keep current with the specialized laws, cases and regulations affecting accident cases. People don't usually use their family doctor for brain surgery. In the same way, it makes sense to use an accident attorney who knows this area of law inside and out.



Insurance Secret 4


            My medical bills are mounting and my good credit is being jeopardized. What can I do to stop possible lawsuits and judgments?


            We can negotiate with creditors and help make arrangements to stop collection directly from the settlement.





Insurance Secret 5


            I was a passenger injured in a crash caused by a friend or family member.  Can I still be compensated?


            Yes. Even if the accident was caused by a friend or family member, the accident victim can usually be fully compensated. A claim can be made only for the limits of all available insurance policies.




Insurance Secret 6


            I was injured in an accident caused by an uninsured driver. My policy provides for underinsured coverage, but I am confused about what claims are actually covered.


            Because of the confusing nature of uninsured and underinsured coverage, few people understand what is available under their policies. Our experienced attorneys can advise you on what claims will be covered under your specific policy.



Insurance Secret 7


            I thought about negotiating my claim on my own. How do I know if the insurance adjuster's offer is fair and reasonable?


            You don't. The fair settlement value of your case may be several thousand dollars or much more. Remember, the adjuster works for the insurance company and is paid to negotiate and settle your claim for the lowest amount of money. Our attorneys are tough, aggressive, experienced and they only work for you! Based on other successful settlements, our accident attorneys will know the real value of your claim.
















Insurance Secret 8


            If I hire an attorney, will my case require a jury trial?


            Not usually. Most times, as experienced accident attorneys, we can get a large but fair settlement for your claim, if the insurance company is reasonable.


            A jury trial may be necessary if the insurance company won't deal fairly. Jury trials do delay the settlement of claims, but often the pressure of a jury trial forces the insurance company to pay top dollar.


            Our attorneys have tried simple to complex jury trials and have won million dollar awards for seriously injured clients.




Insurance Secret 9


            Can the insurance adjuster limit the medical treatment I receive? I don't have a family doctor, and I believe I need specialized medical treatment.


            You should get the medical treatment you need now and use any insurance available to cover you. This might include health, work or your own auto coverage. We will review your insurance to see that you get the medical care that help you now. These bills and treatment will become part of your case.


            We can make delayed payment arrangements for those who have no health insurance.



Insurance Secret 10


            Why doe the insurance adjuster recommend that I not hire an attorney?


            Because insurance settlements handled without an attorney are usually much lower. Many people make settling their claim a "do-it-yourself" project to try and save money. But why gamble? There is never an attorney fee unless we win a settlement or trial for you. But regardless,


            We'll beat the insurance company's best offer.


            If you already have an offer from the insurance company, we'll put MORE CASH in your pocket or you pay absolutely no attorney fee.


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