Why Do I Need A Lawyer?


A: You have been injured or the victim of medical malpractice. You cannot imagine having the money to hire an attorney, so you decide to try to be your own lawyer. Big mistake. Here is why:

You need a lawyer to protect your rights.
  The insurance companies have teams of lawyers working against you from the moment they learn of your claim. Insurance companies are multi-national organizations with no soul or conscience.  They are only concerned with the bottom line.  That means profits versus losses.  Your claim goes into the loss column.  If they can minimize their exposure to you they are protecting their profits.  They do this by discouraging you from obtaining a lawyer.  Why?  Because they know that you are not sophisticated in matters involving insurance claims and that lawyers are. And that you might be willing to accept less compensation than you are entitled to without consulting a lawyer. They are far more likely to take advantage of you then they are a lawyer.  Unfortunately, our clients often come to us after trying to do it by themselves.  Sometimes they cause irreparable damage to their claim.  DO NOT speak with an insurance representative without benefit of counsel.  It can mean the difference in your case

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