What If I Get Hurt By Someone Without Insurance?


A: Someone has hit you and they tell you that they don't have insurance. No recovery of damages for you, right? Wrong. You can make a claim on your own policy, and here is how to do it:

In Illinois, all drivers and owners of motor vehicles are required to carry some form of minimum liability auto insurance. In addition to standard liability auto insurance most drivers' automobile insurance policies have coverage for Underinsured or Uninsured Motorists. If you are involved in an accident with a vehicle that doesn't have insurance there is usually a provision in your own insurance policy that allows you to collect for coverage that the other party should have had on his vehicle.

Sometimes our clients are hesitant to make a claim under their own policy. They often fear a rate increase or getting dropped in the future. Don't be afraid. You cannot have your rates raised or your policy dropped for making this type of claim. This is why you paid premiums for this type of coverage. It is a statutory requirement.

You may not be limited by your own insurance coverage. We are skilled at identifying other potential sources of coverage other then you or the party causing the accident. Sometimes there are ways to uncover other insurance that you might not consider. Homeowners’ policies, work policies, umbrella policies and the like are other sources of insurance coverage. Was the person that hurt you working at the time of the accident? Was his vehicle defectively maintained? Was the roadway hazardous? These are only some of the questions we will ask in assessing your case.

Medical bills for treatment resulting from an automobile accident can be covered by your automobile policy. Contact us to find out how!

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