How Does A Lawsuit Work?


A: Sure you have seen a lot of courtroom dramas. But not everything is like it seems on TV. We have a simple, straightforward explanation of the whole process.

Most of our clients are not experienced in matters involving litigation.
Often times our clients are sick with grief, confused, scared and have an overwhelming feeling of betrayal. We are proud that our clients have been able to rely on our law firm to guide them through the toughest of times.

As soon as you meet with an attorney at Richard F. Mallen & Associates, Ltd. we begin the process of handling your case. After your file is open we will begin the process of investigating your case: 

·        We use a private investigator to gather evidence on your behalf.

·        We speak to witnesses and take their statements, take photographs of the accident scene and consult with expert doctors.

·        We obtain all of your medical records.


A claim can either be settled or a lawsuit can be filed in court.
That is the only way to resolve a case. We prepare every case for war and hope for peace. Without preparing for trial you can be assured that the insurance company will not take you seriously. We prepare every case to be tried before a jury. That way we are always prepared to take your case to trial if settlement negotiations break down.

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